Would you like to be a sponser?

Showing is an expensive hobby. Campaigning a dog to reach the top of the Breed & All-Breed rankings is very expensive & political. Here are some of the expenses that may occur:

Entry fees for shows are generally 2 - 4 per weekend @ $29.00 each day.

Fuel to the show

Food & shelter for both dogs and their owners.

Handling fees $75.00 and up per day plus bonuses for Breed, Group and Best In Show wins. Many also charge for their expenses divided among their clients.

Then there is the advertising. For breed club publications $100 to $400

Monthly or weekly trade magazines starting at $375.00 on up to many thousands
for front page spots.

You need to advertise to make it to make it into the top breed & all-breed rankings

Shows like Eukanuba and Westminster have entry fees of $50 to $70.00 per day.

Benefits for sponsor include advertising, a puppy back after bred,Name on the dog while it is shown etc. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our future stars or for more information, please contact us.

I am not out to have the #1 dog I would just like to have my dogs out competing and be ranked I feel they can do very very well. But because of politics and money I am not able to do it. If someone like to be a sponser for some shows a month and expenses that would work too.

Below are dogs we feel could make it to the top if they had the money behind them.

Ch.Lahrheim's Talk It Up "Pepper"

ChLahrheim's Talk The Talk "Mo"