Champion Lahrheim's Rock'N The USA
By Lahrheim's Tru Navy Blues x Lahrheim's Party In The USA
UPDATE! Benson finished at the Ventura shows on 1/19/13 at 10 months old!!! He finished with 4 majors in 4 months!

At the GSPC of Reno back to back specialty, Benson goes WD for a 5 point major and then gets an AOM over some nice specials under breeder judge Dan Mack. At the 2nd show he was BOS in sweeps, the next day at the supported entry he wins his sweeps class of 5 dogs. All handled by me. :)
Benson recieved back to back majors at the Antelope Valley KC, at 8 months he has 3 majors!! Another major!

"Benson" is living down south with his brother Lugar, He is co owned with me and his owner George Carter. Handled by Sue Richards.

Benson is very easy going and has a great temperament.

The boys hunt with their owner and were trained by Larry Lowell

BOS in sweeps

5 point major and AOM over many specials.

3 point major.

BOW 3 point major at 8 months.

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