Companion pups will go on limited registration and if kept on full reg. I stay on as co owner until a title is received and all health testing done.This protects the pups from just going to someone who only wants to breed.
Please don't email me asking for a runt, because you might think they are cheaper. A runt is a term people made up for the sickly pups. We do sometimes have smaller pups in the litter but there is nothing wrong with them. The grow up to be the same size as the others and are priced the same. All of my pups are the same price no matter if they are show pups or not. And just because I choose one for myself to show does not mean the others aren't quality pups.

When I breed I breed for myself, to keep a puppy, I don’t give anyone first pick. We evaluate the litters around 7 1/2 weeks. Then the people who have deposits will be able to get their pups no earlier than 8 weeks

old. These are well bred puppies so any pup in the litter would be awesome as a companion, It does not matter if you are getting 3rd pick or the last one. All are equal. Only irresponsible/back yard breeders allow new owners to pick pups at a very early age. 
the term back yard breeder is used for a breeder who breeds for no reason other than to produce puppies to sell. They don’t do the genetic testing on the parents that should be done. Ours do have the testing. So you know our pups do not carry bad genes  


Please read what is written above. I have had people emailing me who said they read it but still ask me the same questions.

NO PUPPY will be picked before 8 weeks! I go in order of when I got the deposits. Been doing it this way forever. The pictures of the puppies are the ones in this litter, it doesn't mean those are the ones that are available. We wont know which ones will be available until I evaluate them.

I have had to turn away so many people. You have to agree to my contract, and wont spay or neuter before 24 months.





No puppies avavle at this time  but I am taking deposits for my breeding in July  please heck out the planned breeding page  







the puppies puppies in the photo are not them.