Companion pups will go on limited registration and if kept on full reg. I stay on as co owner until a title is received and all health testing done.This protects the pups from just going to someone who only wants to breed.
Please don't email me asking for a runt, because you might think they are cheaper. A runt is a term people made up for the sickly pups. We do sometimes have smaller pups in the litter but there is nothing wrong with them. The grow up to be the same size as the others and are priced the same. All of my pups are the same price no matter if they are show pups or not. And just because I choose one for myself to show does not mean the others aren't quality pups.

We have a litter due November 30,2018 please go

to my planned breeding page for details  


Puppies are $1500 and deposit is $200  both parents are AKC champions  

Not wanting a show dog doesn’t mean they are cheaper, all pups are sold at the same price no matter 

if show or not. I get that a lot, people contacting me and saying “I don’t want a show pup” can I get it for less?

all puppies are amazing quality  I do sell to companion homes  

our pups hunt and have great conformation  


Puppies are here! 7 girls and 4 boys. I have one boy left and multiple girls.