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Lahrheim's Dan's Roxy Boy
by Ch.WGK.Casanova MH x Lahrheim's Vortex Mystery

"Roxy" was shown very limitedly but quickly got 15 points towards his championship from the BBE class, sadly majors were broke and that is why he has the 15 points and no majors. He has a Puppy group 3 and BOS over a special to his name. His co owners decided to neuter him so he will never finish. :(

Lahrheim's Dan's Roxy Boy

CH.WGK Casanova MH

Needs 1 point for his Dual Championship

CH Robin Crest Silver Spirit, JH, ROMX

CH Robin Crest REO Flying Cloud, JH

CH Robin Crest Rolls Royce

CH Exclusive's Greta Special

CH Malhaven Sage Grouse

Am Can CH Malhaven For Your Eyes Only

Can CH Buck Hollow’s Prairie Breeze

CH Rendition’s April Fool

CH Singletrak-NMK American Ally MH

CH Rodeo’s Bull Roper CD JH

CH NMK’s Amiable Ultimatum JH

CH NMK-NV’s Simon’s Belle V Greif MH

DC NMK- RD’s Rustic Country Charm MH

CH NMK's Primo Alexis Von Rugerheim, JH

Lahrheim's Vortex Mystery

LB needs ones major to finish. All points from BBE class.

CH Placer C’Ntry Thunder And Light’n

CH Placer Country Stella

Ch.Placer Country Fly Me

CH V D Nacht Plcer Cntry Sigfried

CH Placer Country Luna Ticked

CH Placer C’ntry White Lightning

CH Placer Country Aspen

Placer Country Cindy

CH Placer Country Luke

CH Placer Country Moonshadow

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